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Looking for a tuxedo to rent for Prom, Homecoming, or Winter Formal? Check the latest formal wear trends at Savvi Formalwear, the world's premier provider of tuxedos for all occasions. Our staff will present you with the broadest selection of tuxedos, vests and formal wear accessories to make sure you get exactly the style you’re going for.

Not sure what’s hip today? No problem. Our certified formalwear consultants are ready to assist you.

Are you trying to coordinate with your date’s dress? If so, we match any color at Savvi and will help you select a color to match or compliment your date. Savvi is fashion forward, offering a large selection of unique formal wear attire and accessories to guarantee you’ll look fashionably unique.
When selecting your tux, Savvi offers you hundreds of the latest designer styles including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, Perry Ellis, Jean Yves, Red Sleeve and Claiborne. Coupled with our commitment to service, we will ensure perfection for your special Homecoming, Prom, or Winter Formal event.